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All at once a barouche rolled up behind him.

In 1790, there was a Frenchman named Sifrac, who was very intellectual. One day he was walking in a street in Paris. It had rained the day before, and it was very difficult to walk on the road. All at once a barouche rolled up behind him. The street was narrow and the carriage wide, and Sifrak escaped being run over by it, but was covered with mud and rain. When the others saw him, they were sorry for him, and they swore angrily and wanted to stop the carriage and talk things over. But Sivlak murmured, "Stop, stop, and let them go." When the carriage was far away, he still stood motionless by the roadside, thinking: The road is so narrow, and there are so many people, why can't the carriage be changed? The carriage should be cut in half along the road, and the four wheels made into two wheels... He thought so and went home to design. After repeated experiments, in 1791 the first "wooden horse wheel" was built. The earliest bicycle was made of wood and had a relatively simple structure. It had neither drive nor steering, so the rider pushed hard on the ground with his feet and had to get off to move the bike when changing direction. Even so, when Sivlak took the bike for a spin in the park, everyone was amazed and impressed