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High quality,  Best service, Reasonable price.High quality, Best  service,Reasonable price.

Home Products Nail UV Lamp DIY Electric Bike Kit
  • DIY Electric Bike Kit

DIY Electric Bike Kit

Product Price: $140.00 - $380.00 / Set
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin:2232
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details:1set/carton
Supply Ability:3000 Set/Sets per Week
Voltage:36V, 36V
Wattage:> 400w
Power:250W / 350W
Speed:25-32 Km/H
Gears:Single/ 6/7 Speed Gears
Wheel Size:12''--28''700c
Export Markets:Global

 DIY Electric Bike Kit


36V 350W small brushless geared hub motor for any ebike 
Front / Rear Wheel electric bicycle BLDS motor 250W: 
1. BLDC e bike hub motor 
2.24V 36V 180-350W motor 
3. Certification: CE EN15194 
1.24V/36V -from 150W to 350W. Front / Rear brushless geared hub motor. 
Phase angle 120 degree. Diameter=128mm. Weight=2.7kg. 
2. Available to add disc brake and 6/7 speed gears maxed. 
3. Front axel: 130mm Rear axel: 135mm 
4. Silver, black colors for options 
5. Performance: Max speed=25-32km/h. Loading: 120 kg efficency=80% 
6. With CE, EN15194 certifications 
DONGNAN EBIKES Geared electric bike motor / 36V 350W hub motor is hot in European market!

1.24V/36V -from 150W to 250W . front brushless geared hub motor. phase angle 120 degree. axle=100mm, diameter=128mm. weight=2.7kg.
2.available to add disc brake.
3.waterproof connector.(optional )
4.silver ,black colors for options.
5.performance:  speed=25-32km/h.load=120kg. efficency=80% .
6.with CE, EN15194 certifications.
7. btw, we have same type motor but not available to add disc brake 

Why do we use a Double Walled Rim and heavy duty 36 Gauge Spokes? ?
In the beginning we tried various kits and many of the brush less motors were very good motors. The problem with most of the conversion kits available are that they are spoked incorrectly, use a single walled weak rim., have spokes that are the wrong length causing the spokes to be bent in an "s" shape. Simply put bicycle wheels were not made for this type of torque on them and on occasion you will need to tighten your spokes until they finally "seat" themselves.

FRONT wheel or REAR wheel ?
FRONT elctric bike kits= easy to install, easy to maintain. This is the best for
Balance if you are using SLA batteries on a rear mounted rack because of
The weight.
REAR electric bike kits= harder to install, BUT for big motor, =More safety Installation only for the very
Mechanically inclined or professional. Only enough space for 7 rear speeds
Max (we ship with 5 speed). Bad balance if you are using heavy SLA
Batteries...Good for wheelie's lol but bad and unsafe balance with SLA.
Good points are that they are a slightly more natural feeling ride when using
Lightweight LiFePO4 batteries



reinforced puncture-proof double-wall rim specially design for ebike
Powerful brushless hub motor
Germany type motor(180°C copper winding+ best magnet)
Hub Width: 135mm for rear and 100mm for front
Wheel Size offered: 16", 18", 20", 24", 26", 700C & 28"
Thick spoke(2.6mm)


48V26AH Controller (12 MOZ tubes in it) Germany Quality type
Protect and prolong the life of the Motor
Protect the battery from being over-charge and discharge

 Thumb throttle
 Twist Throttle

Pedal assistant Sensor (Pedelec sensor)
Sensing the torque and power of the motor accordingly, true pedal assist management
Integrate your manual pedal with motor power

 Brake lever, shut off motor when you brake

Our Service
Based on our own factory, we can offer you the best quality motor conversion kit wth the most competitive price. And with our 2 years warranty service, you can offer your customer with best service.
Based on our trading team, we can answer your inquiry in one day business.
Based on our trading experience, we can arrange your shipment with fast delivery both by air and by sea at a very reasonable price
DIY Electric Bike Kit
DIY Electric Bike Kit
DIY Electric Bike Kit
DIY Electric Bike KitDIY Electric Bike Kit
DIY Electric Bike Kit
DIY Electric Bike Kit
Product Package
DIY Electric Bike Kit

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