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Fashion Clothing 2018 Women Clothing Dresses1

Latest company news about Fashion Clothing 2018 Women Clothing Dresses1

"Throw yourself into life like a local." This is the attitude that Shinobu Yoshii always holds no matter where he is. As a Chinese-language Japanese writer, she wrote "Tokyo Eight Square Meters" from the daily life in the eight-square-meter room, as well as the people and scenery she encountered in Tokyo over the past few years.

In late April, Yoshii returned to China for a multi-city book tour, and on a late spring morning in Beijing, the day before returning to Tokyo, she spoke to New Weekly in Chinese. In an interview in Chinese, she talked about the many people and things that have been cut apart by the epidemic in recent years, and the world has become like we never imagined.

Yoshii lamented the fragility of daily life, but in a rapidly changing world, his eight-square-meter home in Tokyo has become a place to call home.

"I believe everyone has their own 'eight square meters'. It doesn't refer to the actual area, but to a place in your mind where you can be honest with yourself and enjoy the moment as much as possible without pretending." Mr. Yoshii said.