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Fashion Clothing 2018 Women Clothing Dresses1

Yoshii told reporters that because Japan's "minimum living area level" is more than 25 square meters per person, living in a room with only "four and a half" (that is, four and a half tatami MATS, "core" refers to Japanese straw MATS) specifications, she is often understood as a minimalist by friends, and even by unfamiliar people mistaken for a group of income.



"So far, I have no plans to leave 'this kind of place' in a hurry, nor do I plan to buy a house, because the experience of actually living in it is not that miserable, and the benefits of being small are numerous, although they are inconvenient."

Yoshii Ninju said that when he first lived in the house, he did not think too much, but life is lived out, and the "eight square meters" of day and night, naturally produced the "eight square meters of economics" that belongs to this space.